aims to define a new professional profile, European Energy Auditor and Renovator (EEAR), by adapting the recognized profile of the Energy Auditor to new market needs and increasing skills possessed by architects in two main fields: energy retrofitting and efficiency evaluation on existing buildings.
Both are opportunities for economic growth, local development and employment; in accordance with EU policies.
The aim to increase competitiveness by creating a workforce of qualified professionals, whose skills are recognized and who are able to operate at EU level and contribute towards EU2020 energy efficiency objectives.

The NET_LEARNING program comprises:

On line course: first step of training

On line basic course open to all
Module 1 – Introduction to sustainable retrofit
Module 2 – Building physics – passive design
Module 3 – Building physics – active systems
Module 4 – Approaches to sustainable retrofit
For Italian Architects: the on-line course is valid for the longlife training system and assignes 14 credits (cfp).

Mobility abroad: second step of training
The Specialist Course will last 5 days (plus 2 days for transfer) and will be focused on the analysis of case studies representing relevant examples of retrofitting. It will take place in September 2017 with the following calendar:

The NET_LEARNING Handbook: an electronic publication which is the result of research and analysis conducted during a project in the field of energy auditing and connected topics.
The Handbook with will be presented on 26th September 2017 at RIBA London, 76 Portland Place.